you will get bonus on every buy your refferal and team

Set up payments infrastructure, track orders and manage your cryptocurrency earnings in style! Access a fully integrated, versatile, global platform that supports major crypto assets.

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About Us

BTX started to be taken more seriously, the team behind it started to develop ideas about what it should achieve. It became clear that the ideology behind BTX should be simple; to create an easy to use crypto currency, not something technologically impressive. We believes the most important thing for a crypto currency to do is to be able to process payments in  Education and merchandise. For him, cryptocurrencies that pay people for services, such as online Education and online shopping or other concepts that are very good idea because they haven’t been tested yet with fiat money and people are not used to the idea yet. Cryptocurrencies need to give people tangible use cases, such as buying everyday items. Unless this is done, people won’t adopt it. To achieve this, making payments needs to be as efficient as possible. BTX can also started to be used as a tipping system, where people can tipped people  online for the content that they can enjoy.

Why accept BTX ?

Working on a community based earning project is dream for many but they always back off because of various scams and frauds in this industry. With revolution of blockchain technology, there have been developments that are more community focussed and that can not be hacked. With these solutions, community earnings have also shifted their power in the hands of this community. BTX aims to be one of the best passive income provider without any control over the smart contract. Everything will be deployed digitaly to the ethereum blockchain and you can use Ethereum to directly purchase or sell tokens anytime. There is no limit on buying, selling of the token. our community can used soon this token for online Education and shopping portal.

  •  No control of any organization or person.
  •  You can use BTX instead of Fiat Currency USD and Euro for online purchase
  •  You can Reffer to your friends , relatives and earn unlimitted BTX token.
  •  You should hold BTX long time and get huge profit.
  •  Fully decentralized hence most reliable.
  •  Peer to Peer transfer
  •  BTX will open soon Such technology who facilitate online Education & online shopping etc.
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Refer friend bonus

Get bonus awards on every level and every buy. Get referral bonus from your friends till 5 level you referred as well as when they refer their friends. This system increases your rewarding upto 5 levels and keeps you engaged for a much longer time.

Token Growth

With each buy BTX token will increase it's buying price. There is a specified program which is set in the smart contract for the users. This will more benefit  investors who have seen the promise in BTX. You can refer your friends, or try affiliate to increase more demand and in return you will see growth in your holding.

Stake Revenue

If you hold the currency for a longer period of time, you are going to earn dividends on every single penny you hold. Stake proves your trust in the token and you get rewarded for keeping that trust alive by sharing to everyone that you think needs to benefit from this.

Utility of BTX

Cryptocurrencies have taken the financial world by storm in the last few years so it’s no surprise that Crypto growing in popularity day by day. For this reason, we  want to help you to navigate this world of Crypto utility. We have put together some educational, online shopping from BTX, which will motivate  you in your mission to buy BTX. We hope you will find these BTX  useful for financial freedom and also hope to use our many projects in the near future.


Payment Gateway

Easily add payments to your website or app with a seamless checkout experience.

Merchant Account

Merchant Account provide the quickest and safest integration for your business.

DeFi Exchange

A decentralized BTX is a cryptocurrency exchange which operates in a decentralized way, without a central authority.

Multi key wallet

Multi key wallet refers to requiring multiple keys to authorize a Crypto transaction, rather than a single signature from one key.

How It Works ?

You buy/sell service and products soon

Our Merchants gateway tool will allow implimenting cryto payments to virtually any website or brick & mortar store.

Shoppers will select BTX to pay

Your customers will be presented with a list of cryptocurrencies they can use to pay for goods or services.

We will generate payment invoice soon

We calculate the price of merchandise in the selected cryptocurrency and provide payment window for the shopper.

Live Market


Download Metamask for Android and Download Metamask for IOS.

From the Wallet, go to DAPP and type Click Buy BTX.
Ensure that you have sufficient ETH (Ethereum) in your Wallet.
You can enter the Ether or USD amount to buy
You will see BTX is in your Wallet after the network confirmations have completed.

You  can create your profile on our website and start using the dashboard calculator to analyse what you can earn if you hold the coins or how much you should buy for most benefit out of the investment. You can then load your any Crypto wallet with ETH, and buy directly from our website and store it locally on your wallet. Your ETH investments are stored in the Smart Contract. your investment with each growing people below your level. The more investment you do, the more amount you can earn through commissions and there is no way of loosing money because all the investment is stored in the Smart Contract.

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